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Bring wet wipes.

In Development

Zigfrak: Backyard BBQ is an extended space romp which builds on the game's existing campaign and brings an explosive array of new features. Expect new heights of insanity and new depths of depravity.

November 19 2016: Feature release is out!

A personal message from the desk of Alex Ayars, creator and developer of Zigfrak, regarding the game's future...

November 28, 2014

Dear <% PLAYERNAME %>,

As someone who shares your love of spaceship-based loot-fueled violence: I'm so excited to announce details for Zigfrak's first expansion, I'm practically frothing at the mouth. Also, space rabies. Announcing: Zigfrak: Backyard BBQ!

Zigfrak: Backyard BBQ is an extended space romp that builds on the game's existing campaign. Expect new heights of insanity and new depths of depravity. It's too early to give too much away, but existing and future fans are likely to be pleased. As you may note from the promotional image above, there will be tentacles.

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Steam: Community Page
Twitter: @zigfrak

Major Features

Zigfrak: Backyard BBQ is in early development. Features may be changed or dropped.

If you're wondering why it's called Zigfrak: Backyard BBQ, it's because the name works on so many levels. Needless to say, charred space meat is involved, and normal napkins won't work. Bring wet wipes.

No Enemies Left Un-Killed

Satisfy your sick spaceship-killing urges with 3 new tiers of missions, long in the making. Put your skill and concentration on the line against the real super ultimate final boss.

Several hubs of Zigfrak's current campaign are being set aside as optional side missions, to be replaced with new content which focuses on life as a Freerunner. All random roaming scenarios are being retired and replaced.

The rest of the expansion picks up after completion of the original campaign. These post-campaign missions are the bulk of the expansion's new content. The general theme is reuniting with old friends and family, and dealing with certain enemies which were left un-killed in the original campaign. It gets a little weird.

Additional content changes are being planned, and will be announced if/when ready.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs are like talent trees, but in space. Pick one of five specs, each expanding on the game's existing damage schools. There are some tough decisions to make, choose wisely!

Players pick a spec at level 15, and can pick up new skills every few levels.

Basic support for Tech Specs is in place, but the face of it is still being rearranged. More details will be made available when ready.

August 22 2015: Check out the Talent Preview!

Playthrough Plus

Do it all again in a story-driven second playthrough with new loot, updated rewards, a second tech spec, a brutal new level of difficulty, and an increased level cap of 70.

...Because anything good in moderation is probably way better in excess. A wise man once said that, because it's true.

The second playthrough can be triggered by the player through a mission at level 40. The player will find themselves back around the Curiosity and Endpoint station encounters, but with all gear and experience intact. At level 45, a second tech spec can be picked up.

Dual-Spec Weapons

Second tech spec? How about a second damage type on every gun to go along with that?

Starting with the second playthrough, many weapons deal damage from one of ten new hybrid damage schools. Expect a fresh selection of dual-spec hybridized items during the second playthrough, designed for dual-spec characters.


Yes. Pets. In space. You're welcome.

Pets stay by your side when active, loyally escorting you through thick and thin.

In addition to capturable pets which can be discovered in the wild through various means, certain enemy ships may be permanently captured as combat pets. Additionally, several classic pet-like items have been converted into actual pets. Yes. Pets.

Some pets are just novel, but many are actually useful. There are tons of different pets to find and capture through various means, and many hidden pet abilities to discover and delight in. Figure it out!


Multiple Save Slots

Just Like A Real Game!

Thanks to recent advances in nanotechnology and magnets, Zigfrak: Backyard BBQ supports multiple save slots. Steam Cloud is supported, if enabled for player data.


Again, Just Like A Real Game!

The game already knows you're awesome, but now you'll have some achievements to show for it. We'll be loading the game up with them.

And More...

New music, new visual effects, wonderful new beam mechanics, bulk vendor options, new NPC behaviors, new item mutators, an expanded toolbar, an updated HUD, and more.

More new features are planned, but not yet ready to announce.

Built Right In, With Love. ♥

Free (As In Freerunner.)

How much would you pay? Zigfrak: Backyard BBQ isn't DLC -- it's getting built right into the existing game. If you already own Zigfrak, you'll have access to expansion content and features at release.


When it's ready. Feature releases may be made available for testing.

Saying it again

Expansion features may be changed or dropped.

The content and systems changes in the Zigfrak: Backyard BBQ expansion are in early development. We have a pretty good idea of what it's going to look like, but details may change prior to release. Major changes will be communicated as early as possible.

This is an announcement for existing players to know what's up with the current state of the game. If you're thinking about buying Zigfrak, then like any other game, buy based on what you see today. Try the demo!