Tech Specs

Tech Specs are like talent trees, but in space. Pick one of five specs, each expanding on the game's existing damage schools. There are some tough decisions to make, choose wisely!

Players pick a spec at level 15, and can pick up new skills every few levels. Each spec consists of a single "Action Skill" which is under the player's direct control, and a suite of passive abilities which activate situationally.

Tech Specs are fully implemented in development, but the exact listings you see here may still be subject to change.


Theme: Thermal Damage. Burn them down hard and fast.

Arsonist Action Skill

It Burns When I PvE

"...and I like it."

While the fire burns, crit chance and damage for your thermal projectiles increases, and thermal debuffs you inflict with projectiles can spread.

Arsonist Tier 1

Requires Arsonist Specialization.


"I did, in fact, bring enough for everybody."

While the fire burns, crit chance and damage for your thermal projectiles increases, and thermal debuffs you inflict with projectiles can spread.

So Hot, It'll Burn You Twice

"Put that in your burrito and masticate it."

When thermal debuffs on your combat target expire, the victim has a chance to suffer from Afterburn, losing a percentage of health over time.

Sweating Missiles

"...For Some Reason"

Chance to regenerate your most-needed ammo when you get set on fire, and chance to generate an armor effect when the fire goes out.

Arsonist Tier 2

Requires 2 points in Arsonist Tier 1.

The Hotter It Burns

"I think we're a little past ointment here."

The crit chance and bleed-through damage for your thermal projectiles increases for each thermal debuff you inflict.

Burns At Both Ends

"Like a candle. I'm talking about candles."

The bleed-through damage from your thermal projectiles increases if both you and your combat target are on fire.

I Like To Watch

"Ooh, pretty!"

Your thermal projectile crit chance and crit damage bonus increases if a burning enemy is in your crosshairs.

Arsonist Tier 3

Requires 3 points in Arsonist.

It's Not The Humidity

"Seriously, stop saying that."

Your projectile damage across all damage schools increases significantly after killing your target with thermal damage.

Bat Out Of Hell

"They'll see those bats soon enough."

Your thermal projectile damage increases significantly as your engine temperature rises. If your engines overheat, your ship will be disabled.

Naked In The Flame

"Mind your parts."

Your thermal projectile damage increases significantly as your shield nears depletion. During Last Chance, all thermal bonuses are increased.

Arsonist Tier 4

Requires 4 points in Arsonist.


"Comforting, like a warm pair of socks."

Thermal debuffs you inflict with projectiles have a chance to return heals.


Theme: Singularities; Control; Swarms.

Cultist Action Skill

It Feeds


Spawn a voracious singularity which sticks to your crosshairs. The singularity feeds on enemies, heals your allies, and vacuums all nearby loot.

Cultist Tier 1

Requires Cultist Specialization.


"Easily Dominated."

While docked with an enemy, you may merge into a single unit. On detaching, your target will be mentally cleansed, remaining loyal to you for a short time.



Temporarily transform your combat target into a harmless inanimate object. May not always work as expected. You must actively use the "Polymorph" command to use this ability.


"Death Sucks..."

When the target under your crosshairs dies, a voracious microsingularity may spawn, pulling in all surrounding loot and enemies.

Cultist Tier 2

Requires 2 points in Cultist Tier 1.

...If Our Eyes Aren't Real

"The mind makes it real!"

Inflicting a Strange debuff upon an enemy may manifest an illusion to assist you in combat.

Blood Pact

"By this offering..."

If you control any pets when entering Last Chance, one will be sacrificed at random, granting instant recovery. Clearing Last Chance grants an aggressive healing effect. Pet sacrifice effect may not trigger more than once per minute.

Loot Vortex


Engaging your loot tractor may sometimes spawn a voracious microsingularity instead, pulling in all surrounding loot and enemies.

Cultist Tier 3

Requires 3 points in Cultist.

Strength of the Swarm

"Our numbers swell..."

Your Strange projectiles derive significant bonus damage from each of your active escorts.

Blood Snackrifice

"Snackrifice... snackrifice... snackrifice..."

The death of an escort grants an Armor effect. Killing your combat target with Strange damage grants a long-lasting damage bonus to your Strange projectiles.

Silence of the Abyss

"There is no silence in that Abyss..."

Your Strange projectiles derive significant bonus damage from each active wormhole or singularity in the area.

Cultist Tier 4

Requires 4 points in Cultist.



You may raise certain dead enemies as enslaved wights to fight at your side.


Theme: Nuclear damage. Volatility.

Defiler Action Skill

Hard Spike


While active, the volatility bonus from your nuclear projectiles is increased by 5000%.

Defiler Tier 1

Requires Defiler Specilization.



Chance to jettison an exploding barrel of nuclear waste while your target is in your crosshairs.


"Best not stand downwind."

Your Nuclear engines leave a toxic trail of nuclear waste, dealing volatile damage to enemies in your wake.

The Slow Death

"So slow, you'll die waiting for it to finish."

Your nuclear effects have a chance to mutate into Slow Death, causing volatile damage over a very long time.

Defiler Tier 2

Requires 2 points in Defiler Tier 1.

Half Life

"Have your atoms decayed today?"

Killing a target with nuclear damage depletes a fraction of your health. While at 50% health or less, your nuclear damage dealt is significantly increased.

Green Meanie

"They will dislike me when my ire is aroused!"

Your base damage dealt with all schools is reduced. Crits dealt to you may invoke anger, causing you to generate Mutant Armor.

Missile Crisis

"Because who's got time for a cold war?"

Your rocket ammo will rapidly regenerate when exiting combat. Cooldown of your nuclear rocket weapons is significantly reduced.

Defiler Tier 3

Requires 3 points in Defiler.


"Only one thing better than a critical hit."

Dealing a crit will contribute to a stack of Supercriticality, significantly increasing your subsequent crit chance and crit damage.

Mutant Regeneration

"Freak power."

Exposure to nuclear effects may rapidly regenerate your health and shield.


"Please don't sue me."

Nuclear effects inflicted by you incur additional area of effect damage around the target.

Defiler Tier 4

Requires 4 points in Defiler.

He Is Enberg

"Remember him."

Chance to launch a Heisenberg nuke when entering combat. Stay well clear.


Theme: Electro damage; Disruptor; Shield/Overshields.

Electrocutioner Action Skill

Fuzzy S(h)ocks

"Discharge your Fuzzy Socks, creating Fuzzy Shocks."

Clears your disruptor cooldown. While active, your shield disruptor and electro projectiles can drain health, and your electro projectile damage and crit chance increase.

Electrocutioner Tier 1

Requires Electrocutioner Specialization.

Bogey Zapper

"Let's talk about personal space."

Enemies which get too close to you will be zapped, quickly losing their shield.


"Never fly kites near power lines."

When your shield is at full capacity, your electro crits have a chance to channel shield energy into damage dealt.


"Disrupt this."

Your equipped disruptors may chain to additional targets, and the cooldown of your disruptors is reduced by 50%.

Electrocutioner Tier 2

Requires 2 points in Electrocutioner Tier 1.

Ride the Lightning

"Not responsible for flux capacitor malfunctions."

Boosting your engines has a chance to teleport your ship forward... on a bolt of lightning, of course.

Increase the Intensity!

"More power to the shields! More power!"

Chance to generate an overshield effect when you suffer a critical hit.

Short Notice

"Best I could do..."

Chance to release an EMP pulse when disabled. Recovering from being disabled or surviving Last Chance grants an electro damage boost.

Electrocutioner Tier 3

Requires 3 points in Electrocutioner.

Higher Ground

"Fear the skies."

In orbital combat, your electro projectile damage is significantly increased when your altitude is greater than your target's.

Direct Current

"Not for use in bathtubs."

The shield-draining effects of your electro projectiles is significantly increased.


"I see it in you."

Holding a target in your crosshairs builds up charges of Potential. Dealing an electro crit to your target has a chance to channel charges into damage.

Electrocutioner Tier 4

Requires 4 points in Electrocutioner.

Shock Therapy

"Ooh, tingly!"

Chance to rapidly regenerate health, shields, and/or ammo when you disable an enemy.


Theme: Kinetic damage; Collision damage; Going very fast.

Specialist Action Skill

Ramming Speed

"Gotta go fast-ish!"

Increases collision damage. The next time you engine boost, you will charge forward. Killing an enemy by ramming grants a stacking collision damage bonus.

Specialist Tier 1

Requires Specialist Specialization.

May The F=ma Be With You

"That's 'force is equal to mass times acceleration!'"

Increases the force of your kinetic weapons. Your kinetic projectiles derive additional damage, based on collision force.

Armored Bullet

"You are that bullet. Be that bullet."

Chance to generate an armor effect when boosting engines.

Escape Velocity

"What's your vector, Hector?"

Increases engine force, and grants an always-on bonus to collision damage dealt by your ship.

Specialist Tier 2

Requires 2 points in Specialist Tier 1.

Kinetic Drift


Damage and crit chance are significantly increased for your kinetic projectiles if you are flying sideways or backwards at high velocity.

Spank Through

"This is gonna hurt you more than it's gonna hurt me."

You deal additional damage when hitting an enemy from behind with collisions and kinetic crits.

Destructive Resonance

"Aye, she cannit take much moore."

Kinetic debuffs you inflict can spread. For each of your kinetic debuffs in play, your kinetic projectiles gain collision damage and crit damage.

Specialist Tier 3

Requires 3 points in Specialist.


"Stretch it."

When you kill a target by ramming or kinetic projectiles, you regenerate health or ammo, respectively.

Kinetic Battery

"Can't stop won't stop"

Your ship movement contributes to a stacking kinetic projectile damage bonus. Moving too slowly destroys the stack, and incurs a penalty.

Concussive Maintenance

"Spins 'em right round."

Crits dealt by your kinetic weapons have a chance to disorient the target and deal additional damage.

Specialist Tier 4

Requires 4 points in Specialist.


"Not a subtle talent, this one."

Base damage, crit chance, and crit damage bonus for your kinetic weapons are significantly increased, as is your collision damage dealt.


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