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Entheogen Studios releases Zigfrak, a loot-centric space shooter.

Santa Clara, CA/USA - December 18, 2012 - Newcomer indie developer Entheogen Studios has released Zigfrak, a space-based action RPG with an emphasis on looting over-the-top items. The non-traditional title recently entered the fray at Steam Greenlight, seeking community votes toward a slot in Steam's catalog.

With its melding of game mechanics from the space shooter and RPG genres, Zigfrak employs light humor in the face of a dark situation -- a human civil war on a galactic scale, complicated by the invasion of technologically superior aliens. During the campaign, players encounter clues and artifacts which could reveal ancient secrets of humanity.

Zigfrak is available today for PC or Mac at zigfrak.com, with a Linux version on the way. An extensive free demo includes the game's early missions, several challenging encounters, and lots of opportunity for exploration and freestyle play.

For additional information about Zigfrak, contact pr@entheogen.net or visit zigfrak.com

About Entheogen Studios LLC.

Entheogen Studios is an independent game developer founded in 2011 in Santa Clara, CA.

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Entheogen Studios LLC.

Entheogen Studios is an indie game studio founded in 2011 in Santa Clara, California, with a focus on producing quality sci-fi titles.

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